Página oficial de Gallery Hoteles - Barcelona - Málaga

Página oficial de Gallery Hoteles - Barcelona - Málaga


The gastronomy of Gallery Hoteles has a starring role in all of its hotels.
In their restaurants and their rooftop establishments alike, menus feature seasonal and local ingredients in dishes that reinvent traditional cuisine to adapt it to contemporary and original flavours.

  • El Café del Gallery by Gallery Hotel

    SintoniaGallery Hotel

    An oasis in the centre of Barcelona that surprises with its evolved version of traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Timeless flavours, contemporary ingredients.

  • The Top by Gallery Hotel

    The Top Gallery Hotel

    In the spring and summer months, the roof of the Gallery Hotel turns into a rooftop bar with the best atmosphere, gastronomy and signature cocktails.

  • Matiz Molina Lario

    Matiz Molina Lario

    In the heart of the historic centre of Málaga, a restaurant with an interior patio in which to enjoy cuisine prepared with local ingredients in the form of reimagined tapas.

  • La Piscina Lounge by Molina Lario

    The top Molina Lario

    Known for its privileged panoramic views of the city's historic centre, this three-level terrace wins over tourists and Málaga residents alike.

  • Salicornia

    Salicornia Hotel Honucai

    A Mediterranean style restaurant, open to the sea and right on the marina, stands out in Mallorca for its innovative menu.

  • Honucai Rooftop by Hotel Honucai

    The Top Hotel Honucai

    From the Mallorcan sky with views of the marina and the Es Carbó beach, the roof of the Hotel Honucai revolutionises the rooftop concept in Mallorca.